Running Training 05/12/2016 – 11/12/2016

So we are into the last couple of weeks “intense” training before a well earned week off over Christmas and this week, we booked a last minute night race entry for Wednesday evening. Therefore due to this I decided to have an easier week so I could really push myself to the limits of what I am capable of over a shorter distance.




Today I just went out of an easy 6 mile run, just to get the legs moving but not wanting to put any more stress through them than I needed too. All in preparation for tomorrow night.


Severn Bridge 5 Mile Night Race – As mentioned above, I was really looking forward to testing my legs over a shorter distance and see how this years training has helped my shorter distance speed. After last months “Newent 9 Race”, I had high hopes this for this race.

The race was at 7.15pm and it was a short and sweet 5 mile race over and back across the Severn Bridge. Luckily, the weather was perfect, it was cold but not too windy or raining….the gun went off and the 2 leaders ran off into the night, there was then a pack of 5 (which included myself) which broke away within the first quarter of a mile. Slowly over the first mile I managed to get myself up to 4th place and tag along with 3rd….we ended up exchanging places over the next 3 miles but neither of us could shake each other.

The final mile proved that he had stronger legs than I did and on the final climb he pulled away and finished 9 seconds in front of me. Chatting after the race he was a great chap and we ended up pushing eachother to a new PB, which is what is so exciting about racing!

The final result was a 4th place finish in 30.11 (6.11 min mile pace) over 5 miles!

I am absolutely delighted with this result, I could never of dreamed to of run a 6.11 min mile pace over 5 miles at the beginning of the year, training in this second half has really paid off.








Long run – I ended up resting for most of the week after the race and work has been crazy so I thought I would just save my legs for the final day of the week and get in a super quality long run of 15.5 miles and a nice easy pace.


A quieter week on the running volume but that was made up for by having a last minute….and awesome race! Final “intense” week next week before and easy week then finish up for a nice week off!