Running Training 12/12/2016 – 18/12/2016

So this is the last “training” week, next week there will be some casual easy running but this week is about finishing strongly and getting some good volume in.  To be honest, I am still buzzing from last weeks race so I was more than up for some intense workouts this week!


Tempo Run – A better week this week, not the best but certainly consistent and steady.  I never hit the heights of what I can achieve on these morning sessions but that’s because I never eat properly so I go into it under fuelled, but I prefer this because it gets me used to running quicker on less fuel.


8 x 800m reps – Today I really wasn’t feeling the workout, I knew from rep 2 that this was going to have to become a “grinding” session.  What didn’t help is that James had just come back from a weeks break so he was fresh, ready to go and leaving me in his dust!  However I was delighted to record 8 of them as I really didn’t think I would manage it.




Workout Day – 3 x 2 mile repeats were on the cards and wow did we improve from last time.  Our first attempt at these 6 weeks ago were in the range of 12.50 for two miles, however this time we clocked 12.30, 12.29 & 12.24.

From the off, James and I decided we needed to up the pace from last time to get ourselves into the right zone but again, this completely exceeded my expectations.  These reps were done at an average of 6.12 / 6.15 min mile pace.

A great last and quality workout to finish the year on.




Finished the week off with a nice 17 mile long run.  Unintentionally ate a very “protein” heavy day on the Friday, finished with an omlette & vegetarian sausages for dinner so I was feeling very depleted of energy by this morning.  Again, like Tuesday, I decided I needed to grind this out as it was going to be the last long run of 2016 so I pushed for 17 miles.




Delighted with this weeks training, couldn’t of asked for more.  A couple of occasions I had to push hard to grind out what needed to be done but a very satisfying feeling completing a 40 mile week.