Running Training 21/11/2016 – 27/11/2016

Week 8 was upon me and I was getting back into the swing of things quite quickly…. after the easy week we recently had, the workouts were feeling fresher, the heart rate was dropping and the pace was getting quicker!  Having said that we had to substitute 2 runs this week for spins on the exercise bike due to an overload of work and childcare…. so the “easy runs” were done on the bike.


Evening spin on the exercise bike, another 13.1 miles were racked up!


Same as Monday, we had two easy days next to each other this week, both clocking up 13.1 miles!


AM: 3 mile tempo run….not the best tempo run we’ve done but consistency is key and once again we were within 4 seconds per mile of our best time….so mustn’t grumble!

PM: 7 mile easy run, just went for a nice jog around town, nothing hard at all and kept the HR down.






Long run! Today we ventured out for 16 miles and due to the “lack of running” this week and missing a workout session I decided to mix up the long run and do 10 miles easy, 6 miles threshold.  It is a gruelling type of run that you have to grind out but im finding these types of runs are doing me the world of good in terms of being able to finish strong.




It’s always a bit frustrating when you can’t get out as much as you would like to but at the end of the day we made it count this week.  Life throws things at you like work & childcare and those become the priority…we just have to make up the time when we can, hence the double session on Wednesday!