The Need For Speed…..

First of all, i’d like to start off by saying I don’t blog enough….there is so much to update you on since the last blog! So to fill in the blanks, let me give you a bullet point list of what has happened:

1) I finished marathon training and ran a 3:14….not the target time I was shooting for
2) I had a week off, got quite ill, got better again then got ill again
3) Things are only just starting to get back to normal.

For more info, everything has been documented over on my YouTube channel –

Now we are up to date, let me fill you in on where things are at right now and what my thoughts are leading into summer training.

Even before I take my first step starting a marathon training block, in my head I know straight after the goal race I will drop back down the distance ladder.  It’s just the way I do things, i’ve been in a position where after my first marathon I tried to get back into long distance work and I totally lost my spark, mojo, energy, whatever you want to label it.  It took a while but I found that changing focus really helped me gain some momentum again and since that day I have always taken this tactic after marathon training.

This thought process hasn’t changed and what i’ve found over time is that buzz for speed gets stronger…so ultimately, the second my marathon journey ended, the need for speed was at the forefront in my mind.

So as a lead into summer training, i’ve started off the weeks on lower mileage due to some illnesses that have struck me down but the speed workouts are back and I couldn’t be happier.  There’s something about blasting round a track at a pace that’s…well…in your own mind…blistering, along with trying to keep things under control enough to finish the session.

It’s a far cry from 4 x 15 minute reps during marathon training where you’d just click into and uncomfortable cruise control pace and chug along…. the pace change and shock to the body when you hit the track for a 10 x 2 minute session is frightening but also exhilarating and an adrenaline rush.

I am delighted to be racing again next week….twice!  On Tuesday evening I have the Rose Inn race, which is 4 miles flat roads, a nice speed session and warm up for this weekends Summer Speedway 10k in Chepstow.  I am fully aware that I am not in PB shape right now but just to get racing these shorter distances again excites me and I can’t wait to continue the journey throughout the summer before we start marathon training again in the Autumn.